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Noah Cyrus Goes Topless in Bold Forest Photoshoot

In a daring move that left fans both stunned and captivated, Noah Cyrus, the ‘End of Everything’ hitmaker and

Noah Cyrus Goes Topless in Bold Forest Photoshoot

In a daring move that left fans both stunned and captivated, Noah Cyrus, the ‘End of Everything’ hitmaker and younger sister of pop sensation Miley Cyrus, pushed the boundaries on Instagram by baring it all in the middle of a forest for a risqué photoshoot.

The 23-year-old singer, known for hits like ‘I Burned LA Down,’ faced the possibility of an Instagram ban as she posed completely topless, using only her arms to cover her breasts. The nighttime shoot featured Noah in a pair of tiny blue knickers, hitched high on her hips, revealing a large tattoo on one thigh. Various intricate inkings adorned her arms and shoulders as she posed with hands clasped in front, seemingly in prayer.

The photos, shared on Instagram, showcased Noah in a natural, make-up-free look, staring directly into the camera and offering an array of blurry shots in a visually striking forest setting. Walking barefoot on autumn leaves, she displayed her confidence by raising one arm above her head and clasping her free hand over her nipples, later turning to reveal a skimpy thong, baring her peachy bum to the camera.

The mysterious post was accompanied only by a series of intriguing emojis— a butterfly, a bow and arrow, a candle, an Illuminati symbol, and a dark moon. The woods appeared mostly deserted, with the exception of a horse visible in a copse of trees, adding an enigmatic touch to the provocative series.

Fans flooded the comments section with admiration and curiosity. One fan referred to Noah as a “Goddess,” while another playfully suggested she was “conjuring spirits.” Some expressed concern about the eerie atmosphere in the woods, with one fan questioning, “Is she okay? It looks hella scary in those woods.” Others admired her beauty and boldness, with one person commenting, “If I had this body I would run around naked everywhere.”

Despite exuding overwhelming confidence in the photos, Noah has openly discussed her struggles with mental health previously, including body dysmorphia, anxiety, and depression. In an interview with NPR, she revealed, “I struggle with depression and anxiety, and I have since I was very young. And I also have suffered from body and face dysmorphia. I just could not look in the mirror.”

Sharing her journey on Instagram, Noah disclosed her past struggles during her teenage years, stating, “I spent my years from 13-17 kinda being the kid that locked herself away in her dark room cause being out in the world made me feel so lost and so insecure.”

Nowadays, she draws inspiration from body-confident stars like Lady Gaga, who has helped her embrace self-love and acceptance. In an interview with Grazia, Noah reflected on Lady Gaga’s resilience, saying, “My favorite thing that I’ve ever seen from her was when people were giving her a hard time after the Super Bowl about her stomach, and she posted the picture of her stomach from that night and was like, ‘I love me and if this is the one thing that pi**es people off then it doesn’t bother me.'”

Noah’s bold photoshoot not only showcases her evolving confidence but also reflects her journey towards self-acceptance amidst personal struggles. As she continues to captivate audiences with her music and unapologetic demeanor, Noah Cyrus stands as an emblem of resilience and empowerment, encouraging fans to embrace their authenticity despite societal pressures.

Images: noahcyrus/ Instagram

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