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Owner of TikTok’s “Biggest Bum” Reveals the Secret Behind Her Success

In the ever-evolving world of social media, finding your niche can be the key to fame and fortune. For

Owner of TikTok’s “Biggest Bum” Reveals the Secret Behind Her Success

In the ever-evolving world of social media, finding your niche can be the key to fame and fortune. For TikTok star Leah Mifsud, her unlikely path to stardom began with a simple realization: she can’t dance. Embracing her unique identity and “bum” personality, Mifsud has amassed over 800,000 followers on the platform by simply walking away from the camera.

Hailing from New Jersey, Leah Mifsud has taken the art of walking away to new heights. Her videos, featuring her walking away while sporting cutoff shorts or yoga pants, have captivated the attention of fans around the world.

“If you notice, before I started the Walk Away videos I tried to incorporate some of my personality and like dance – and I can’t dance at all and I know that!” Mifsud shared in a recent episode of the OnlyStans podcast.

Her journey to stardom wasn’t instantaneous. “I was like ‘alright, I guess I’ll try the trends here’ and they never did well, so I did my first walk away video and it did good and I was like ‘I guess this is my personality now… ‘” she explained.

One notable aspect of Leah’s videos is her self-deprecating humor regarding her bum, which has garnered attention as “the biggest bum on TikTok.” She stated, “I never thought it was big. But everyone else told me it was big, BUT I can’t see behind me, what do I know?”

Behind the scenes, Leah Mifsud doesn’t just rely on walking away for her TikTok success. She recently shared her secret to maintaining her distinctive physique during an interview on the OnlyStans podcast. “Eating a lot. That’s key. I cannot stress that enough,” she emphasized. “Eating a lot and lifting really heavy. When you think that you’re lifting heavy, I promise you’re not. You think you’re eating enough, you’re not. Just eat as much as you can.”

Mifsud’s advice for those seeking to follow her fitness routine includes compound lifts and squats, along with horse riding – though she acknowledges that not everyone can easily access this activity.

While Leah’s TikTok journey began as a fun endeavor, it eventually paved the way for a significant shift in her online presence. Her videos now serve as a gateway to her OnlyFans account, where she offers exclusive content to her dedicated fanbase. She acknowledges the symbiotic relationship between TikTok and OnlyFans, explaining, “I was a nobody on social media… And then my TikTok took off and then my OnlyFans started doing better and I’m like, ‘I figured out the key, TikTok just drives it in there.'”

Leah Mifsud’s story underscores the power of authenticity and embracing what makes you stand out. In a sea of dancers and trend-followers, she found success by being unapologetically herself – whether it’s her distinctive walking-away videos or her candid humor about her own appearance. With her unique brand firmly established, Mifsud continues to walk towards new opportunities in the world of social media and beyond.

Images: leah_mifsud/ Instagram

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